Thursday, 28 June 2012

Shiny, pretty things - wooly bits and winter warmers

Hi again lovely folks,

I thought that as it's been flipping freezing out here in Ipswich town over the last few weeks it would be the perfect time to show you the lovely warm and wooly goodies we currently have in store. 

All the wonderful, snuggly stuff is stashed right up the front of the shop on a fab Shop 33table and a couple of thrifted sideboards, we've also used some lovely old suitcases (including a Shop 33 suitcase on legs), a few baskets and other stands but they're all overflowing with wooliness so you'll just have to trust me that they're under all that handmade goodness.

Since there's so much to show you I'm going to try to do it as systematically as possible with lists (ooo lists Kyla will be so proud). So in a left to right kinda way here goes:
(a) Hand loomed poncho and crocheted beret - Dash Robin, knitted baby booties - beans design, knitted and crotched scarves - Little Bird and Little Golden, knitted beanies - Monday's Child (b) knitted socks - 'my mum made this' - Mums Cupboard (c) bear and bunny - Veronica Constance, knitted beanies - Mondays Child
(a) felt brooches, clutches and bottle covers - A-Zumble-Zay (b) bow headband - Little Golden, knitted headbands - Little Bird, crotched headbands - Dash Robin, soap balls - A-Zumble-Zay

(a) hand printed jersey scarves - Beetle Creative, felt hat, berets, bookmarks, bag and booties - Mieke Den Otter (b) close up hand printed jersey scarves (c) close up felt bag (d) close up felt hat

(a) felt scarves - A-Zumble-Zay and Mieke Den Otter, knitted twisty scarves - Monday's child (b) knitted infinity scarves - Little Bird (c) close up crotched head band - Dash Robin (d) close up crotched scarves - Little Bird

I thought you might like a few more closeups so you can see just how beautifully made these gorgeous things are:
booties, tea cosies, beanie, bow head band, infinity scarf, heat packs
And finally I just had to include this 'parting' shot by Kyla - firstly because the beret is gorgeous and by one of my all time favourite local makers (am I allowed to have favourites?) and second because you get a sneaky peek at the shop over the top of this beautiful piece. 

xx Bec

p.s. a personal recommendation - don't try and watch the new planet of the apes whilst blogging cause it's AMAZING, way too distracting and not very efficient blogging practice at all, plus it might makes you think a little too much about the fragility of the human race.

* please note the Shop 33 link goes to their new Shop 80 facebook page as these clever peeps have recently secured a space at the Wooloongabba Antiques Centre


  1. Amazing array of things in store Bec - I'm with you on the last shot - love the softness of that beret.

    1. Thanks lovely lady, it's great shot by Miss Kyla and a beautiful piece by Mieke.