Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Shiny, pretty things - papery goodness part one - prints n things

We have loads of lovely paper based goodies in store and we've used a random assortment of op shop finds and the odd ikea piece to display them.

We've decorated our cosy corner a bit like it's our own lounge. Resting along the shelf we have a selection of original pen and gouache Frida 'doodles' by Shelley McDonald and pegged and paper clipped along the walls we have prints from a range of talented craftisans including Art by Jaz, Zoe Ingram, Missy Minzy, Bonnie Beyond Pluto

Opposite the cosy corner we have a whole table (and more) full of paper wares. We've used my aunts old office desk, stacked on a vintage telephone table and slid in a lovely old drawer, then on the walls we've used the ubiquitous ikea spice racks. The range of goodies that grace this display includes handmade and hand bound books by Kreative, a selection of handmade recycled paper by Lesa Hepburn, removable wall stickers, bunting, badges and prints by Missy Minzy, notebooks by Lilac and Snow and Chrissy Foreman Cranitch, cards and small prints by Huck Jones, zombie babushka magnets and more by Anti Craft, mini prints Bonnie Beyond Pluto. And if that's not enough...

you can even make your own recycled paper with a 'how to make paper kit' by Lesa Hepburn.


  1. I love getting a tour of the shop without leaving my desk - I mean it would be better if I was in there spending my money but this is a good option for window shopping - great work Kyla and Bec

  2. Cheers Tania, we'd love a visit any time xx