Monday, 4 June 2012

Shiny, pretty, things - jewellery showcase

After finishing a great e-course with A Beautiful Mess I'm feeling inspired to start a new regular blog feature showcasing our store displays and the lovely products that grace them. So here we go...

Our store counter is a thrifted kitchen hutch and this display cabinet used to perch above it on a couple of cast iron brackets. After a quick coat of paint to the shelves (it was already the lovely grey colour on the outside), some astro turf lining and the installation of some fairy lights it now houses these beautiful silver, PMC, hand woven and ceramic pieces by:

One day soone


Kate Roberts (via Art Time)


Pirates Dreaming and

Lesa Hepburn.

Continuing the tour up past the counter we have used a wall mounted drawer (its inside painted with blackboard paint) and an old wooden sewing box (with yet more astro turf lining) to display these varied pieces by Kimono Reincarnate.

And finally up the back of the store we have just finished our great wall:

We originally discussed a peg board wall but since I'm essentially a massive tight arse when it comes to spending money on something we could perhaps cobble together with the assortment of randomness stashed in the cupboards, behind shelves and under tables in the shop this is how it turned out. And despite the giant blisters I inflicted upon myself because I'm too impatient to wait for the guy with his drill, I'm pretty chuffed with myself. Here's a closer look:

Kellie Christie

Flights of Fancy

Found Pieces, Poly Clay Creations, 

Hope you enjoyed the first 'tour'.
Next week I'll share our display of prints and papery goodness.

xx Bec