Wednesday, 22 June 2011

A little progress...

So there has been some significant improvement to the shop over the past week. The cement dust is all gone and the floor is just begging for it's coat of sealer tonight, the walls are looking lovely and white (and a little bit of grey) and there are pieces of vintage furniture scattered about waiting for their day in the sun.

Here are a few little piccies to keep you all going...but you won't have to wait very long! We plan on opening our doors very, very soon. Stay tuned to the blog over the next few days and we will give you an exact date!

We have our stockists bringing in their beautiful wares over the next week so be prepared for lots and lots of blog posts about these amazing creative folk!

Later, Kyla and Bec

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Want to join the cultiver family?

It's so easy...we are currently taking applications for stockists...the process is really easy and there are plenty of options for selling your stuff at Cultiver.

You can have an entire mini-shop or sell your art and handmade goodies on consignment. Either way, you won't get lost in the crowd, your branding stays strong and there is no charge for all the promoting we do for you.

Just send us an email at and we will shoot you all the info!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

What's going on in there???

There has been a lot of work going on in 126 Brisbane St and some of you may have been watching the dust billowing through the doors as we swept, chipped and peeled away the layers of previous businesses.
Here are a few sneaky pics I took of the first few days in the space...

The kids helped us clean in their own special way...

We have some interesting furniture to work with...

...and there's still a lot of cleaning, painting and general pfaffing about to be done before we can invite you in for a cuppa. But, we promise, it won't be too long until you can come in and shop to your hearts content.

...but until then, stay tuned to this blog for lots more updates and news of our adventures.

Bec and Kyla