Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Shiny pretty things - clothes for little people

We try as much as we can not to use standard shop fittings to showcase our lovely wares. So, for the many beautiful and unique kids clothes we have in store, we have a couple of different displays....

There's this very sweet little cupboard which is chock full of fantastic boy clothes including screen printed t-shirts by Mini Mayhem and mud effect tees by Lord Muck, plus shorts by Pollen, Middlemost and Little Brown Dog. Stacked on top is a little cane shelf which houses bubba singlets by Whiskers Lane and Mumatopia and organic cotton, screen printed onesies by Kate Ward. (The toys we'll have a closer look soon).

To the left of the little cupboard we have one 'traditional' rack which we stumbled across at the Hospice Bargain Centre (hurrah for opshops!). We adjusted it so it's a stepped display and the racks now hold all sorts of alternative girly things including:
UPcycled and screen printed t-shirts by Little Brown Dog, pantaloons and leggings by Pollen and crocheted dresses by Little Golden
And finally up next to the papery goodness table is a rack my dad helped us build from an old room divider and brackets we removed from the kitchen hutch that is now our counter. This is where the really girly stuff is - gorgeous frilly trousers and skirts by Dressing About and little wee apron dresses (and more) by the busy lady from Pollen.


It's taken us a while to build up to this selection of quality, handmade kiddies clothes and I've gotta say I love them all. They're all from mum's with a kid or two (or four), so wearability and longevity have really been taken into account when designing and making them, many have adjustable sizing and they're all made to last so can be passed along to another little person once they've been grown out of so the handmade love can be shared around.

Next week I think we better have a look at all the snuggly stuff we have in store to keep you warm on these clear, chilly days.

xx Bec

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