Sunday, 23 June 2013

Winter frock swap - this Saturday

How it works
  • Buy a ticket - pre purchase at Cultiver or buy on the day
  • Clear out your wardrobe for four to six garments you think others will value, but you no longer wear. Give them a wash, press (if needed) and fold neatly so they are ready for the swap. The number of items you bring along is the number of ‘new’ swapped items you can leave with.
  • You can deliver your swap items to Cultiver the week before the swap or bring them with you on the day (please arrive promptly at 2:00pm if you are bringing garments with you). You will receive a token for each quality piece you contribute.
  • Grab a hot chocolate and churros while the pieces are sorted.
  • SWAPPING STARTS at 2:30.
  • Select your items you like, try them on and swap your tokens at the checkout for your chosen pieces.
 The rules:
  1. please check items for spots, minor tears or missing buttons as these can be repaired by the fixit bitches on the day
  2. all items must be clean and presented neatly – no wrinkly pieces please, a quick iron would be fab
  3. style diversity is part of the fun and we welcome different styles not just current fashions
  4. no t-shirts unless they still have tags
  5. no items that are worn out or visibly pilled
  6. no long gowns
  7. no bras of any types
  8. don’t bring anything with stains
The 'fixit bitches'
Lovely gals who can fix things will be on hand to help with minor repairs and alterations of garments including:
  • hemming if items are too long/short 
  • replacing or restitching buttons
Jen of Damned Soles will be available to give an extra spit and polish to any neglected shoes and you are welcome to bring along bigger shoe repair jobs and consult with Jen about what she can do for you.

We will also have a few jewellery mending supplies and at least one person who knows what they are doing to have a look at any quick repairs that you need to extend the life of your favourite pieces.

Cultiver - 181 Brisbane St. Ipswich

$15/head - includes hot chocolate and churros from fourthchild and helps us fund the fixit gals

Saturday 29th June
2:00 - 4:30pm

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