Monday, 13 May 2013

secret garden party

A snap shot of our day at the Ipswich Festival Street Party.

Big, huge thank you's to:
Kate and Jen who helped make hundreds of recycled bottle flowers
Our wonderful performers - three blind mice, Kasey Michelle, Sound and Vision and Shoot! the piano player (links under pics)
Greg and Emma from Tangible Media for the snaps (Kyla took some too in between the crazy craft activity action).

three blind mice
Sound and Vision

Harry Brown (ok not on our stage, but he's my bro and we got him to play so he totally counts as part of the Cultiver family)
Kasey Michelle
Shoot! the piano player

Thanks also to all the gorgeous people who came and made stuff, we hope your UPcycled plastic flowers are brightening your day.

xx Bec

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