Sunday, 22 July 2012

Shiny pretty things - toys and other wonders

We have lots of lovely toys and other tiny wonders waiting for you to find in Cultiver. If you search the cupboards, look under tables and cast your eyes over the wall displays you just might find them. But just in case you can't make it in I'll give you a little look at all these gorgeous things. 

Amelie's World felt mushrooms hanging from twigs and nestled in baskets ready to pick your own and fimo mushies to add to your cupcakes or terrium projects:

Bubba yaya critters wait patiently on this little chair and nestled on top of and in the cupboard.

These softies from super Nanna knitter Veronica Constance can be found lurking all over the shop, nestled against cushions, hiding under tables and squirreled away in the clock cupboard.

There's a whole basketful of these wonderful A Little Vintage koala's and her beautiful hand painted dolls are cosied up together in an old wicker pot stand.

Some vintage draws mounted on the wall make the perfect nesting holes for these fabulous Liddle Apples owls and are just the right spot to show off the piggy bookends from Ruffbat Creative.

And hiding in another old draw are these brilliant Liddle Apples robots.

This very old carpenters box that I dragged out of dad's shed and tidied up is home to Liddle Apples  Bubushka Doll sets, Green Tea and Red Nails owls and Veronica Constance goodies.

In their very own vintage cart are these cheeky monkeys and bunnies by Lisa.

And now for a few little goodies these UPcycled wares from Once I Was - baby rattles, tiny rabbit softies and her popular 'worry not' dolls are stashed in wooden bow

And finally these adorable hand embroidered bunnies and cats by Edward and Lilly.

So there you go. There's plenty more lovely things in store, what would you like 

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