Sunday, 10 July 2011

A wonderful first week.

Well, the first week of business has been amazing! The support from local community and businesses has been awesome and we can't thank everyone enough who has come in and praised all our hard work. It makes us feel so great when people walk through the door and exclaim "what an amazing space!".

We are not even 'officially' open yet, our launch party is on Friday the's the invitation...

There are over 30 craftisans with their wares instore already with almost as many still to come...that means even more well designed, modern, handcrafted wares will be on the shelves over the next few weeks.
What more can you expect? Well, to whet your appetite...cushions,bags and hobby horses from UPcycled coffee bags, amazing handcrafted chairs from REcycled wood, handmade stationery, art posters, journals made from vintage storybooks and albums and vintage styled underwear!

But for now, if you can't make it into the shop, here are a few photos from a massive album on facebook to give you a few tastes of what you are missing out on!

These are just a few shots from the next time you are in Brisbane St, don't just press your face up against the window...come on in and say hi!


  1. Yay! So glad you had a great first week! The space really does look amazing, I can't wait to visit xx

  2. It looks amazing! Thanks for displaying my clothing so beautifully! Nicole at Redressd xx

  3. Beautiful work! It all looks amazing and gorgeous!! Clever, clever women, xoxoxo Kate