Sunday, 31 July 2011

Oh, What a Night!

The night finally came and we had massive fun at the Launch Party!

With over 100 people crammed into the shop and spilling out into the street we ate cookies, drank mulled wine and listed to the live band which doubled as our window display for the night!

Rachel Nolan was there to proclaim us officially open and there were so many familiar faces in the crowd cheering us was all a bit overwhelming! So in the quiet time we have a lot of folk to thank...

Rachel Nolan for racing back from the Cape to open us
Andrew Antonelli for his kind words
Ailsa for the cookies and company
Thea for remembering to take photos!
Alex, Jade and Lyle for plying guests with food and drink
Eva and Christian for the pumping tunes
Dorothy for Story Time
The Cubbee House boys for the awesome pasteup on the window
Anna-Maria for the caramel tart
fourthchild for things to drink from
Michelle from Nook and Alarna from Little Jane St for closing early and making the trip to spend some time with us
All our Craftisans for trusting us to sell their beautiful things
The folk who spent their hard earned cash on handmade goodness
and..all the people who gave us gifties in the form of drinkies (I think we love you the most!)

Phew! I'm sure we have forgotten a few so will come back and add to the list but there you go, we really couldn't have had such a successful first month without everyone who supports and is dedicated to making handmade a way of life.

Thanks to Thea White from Little Golden for the two images above.


  1. Oh yaaaay! Oh, what a night ... late December back in 63 ... Oh goodness, what am I singing?!
    So glad it was such a success for you beautiful ladies!
    Love C xx

  2. looks like a wonderful celebration of your opening. I love your shop!