Friday, 16 September 2011

We are super excited to be the very first place in Australia to host this out of this world competition started in 2007 by the CRE8 Foundation. This incredible not for profit organisation aims to inspire and unite global youth through art and promote intercultural dialogue through collaborative artistic creation. 

This is how Cre8 describes the competition:  
"The project is, of course, intentionally absurd. No one has any idea what an alien looks like—certainly not a realistic one, let alone the most realistic one. The idea of the project is to challenge participants to shed preconceived notions and have fun exploring an obvious paradox. By introducing the project in the form of a contest, we rely on competitive spirit to drive each participant further and further into an abstract and artistically fruitful chase to attain the unattainable. As with everything we do at CRE8, we hope to inspire creative thinking and welcome all creative responses".

previous entries for the Realistic Alien competition

Cultiver will be hosting and documenting the Australian debut of the competition on Thursday the 22nd of September between 9.30am and 2.00pm. If you'd like your offspring to be part of it and you're happy to have their creative genius filmed and photographed then please drop in to Cultiver next Thursday and get ready to be creative.

You can simply turn up or you could RSVP via the Facebook event)
Cultiver is located at 2/126 Brisbane St. Ipswich. Check the Find Us page above if you're not sure where we are.

VISIT: cre8foundation to see the wonderful work they do

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